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    English Club Oradea Nagyvarad
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    The main activity of the English Club is our weekly meeting. We meet every Friday from 18PM to 20PM at Ady Endre high school in Oradea. We have a different topic to discuss at every meeting. Since our first meeting from 1990 we have had approximately (50weeks*20 years) 1000 meetings. Here are some topic examples we have discussed before: " Improving your relationships ", "Expectations", "Indifference", "Moral Values", "Illusions", "How to be loved?", "Jewellery", "Absurd", "Horror", "Curiosity", "Obsessions", "Supernatural", "Surprise". The only rule at the meetings is that you must speak in English.

    Sometimes instead of a topic we play games or we have a debate. We have some extra activities as well. We take about 2 to 8 trips a year in the surrounding areas (Apuseni Mountains). Other activities are: going after the club to a restaurant, going to different cultural events together, playing Ping-Pong, chatting on the internet, etc... And we have our most important event in December, the English Club Christmas party (Gala) with the English Club Awards (like the Oscars for the movies).
    Invitation to the English Club:
    COME COME COME to the....English Club in Oradea !!!!!
    Do you live in Oradea (Nagyvarad), Romania? Or you are just a tourist who is visiting Oradea and you are in Oradea on a Friday.
    - Want to meet interesting people?
    - Could your English language skills use some practice?
    - Would you like to explore interesting topics, improve your social life and get the benefit of insights of people from all over the world with diverse backgrounds? Open your mind... Come to the English Club of Oradea any Friday from 18:00 (6:00 PM) to 20:00 (8:00 PM), at the Ady Endre High School, behind the State Theatre. (Ask the doorman for the classroom number of our meeting, as it changes each week). Following meetings, socialize with us at a nearby restaurant. Join us on weekend trips and parties. Stay informed of entertainment and events in Oradea.
    It is not necessary to be perfect in English language, you can be also a beginner, everybody is welcome at the English Club.
    We are looking for: new places where we can organize trips, new topics or debate ideas, any kind of special meetings ideas, for sponsorship, for a place that could be our own, for cultural events in Oradea, for activities where we can have a good time together, for newcomers to the English Club meetings, etc. Any suggestions or ideas related to the club are welcome.
    For more information contact: utanozhatatlan@yahoo.com

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